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Day 27 Meditation on Compassion 2020

Great day everyone. This meditation is so powerful and holds so much potential to change our surroundings, including people. Just like when someone gives off a “bad vibe”, we can gently introduce a warm, healing waves to those around us. Read More

Day 19 Working with Challenges 2020

Great morning everyone, today’s meditation was a much needed break and prep for the day ahead, I have a financial crisis that I was ignoring and am now facing and working through, accepting, then dealing with. This meditation came at Read More

Day 11 Walking Meditation 2020

Great day everyone. I need to remember to walk for enjoyment. In that enjoyment, I will be contributing to my mental, physical, emotional and social health. What do I hear? Cars driving by, the occasional dog and crow. What do Read More

Day 9 Sensation Meditation 2020

Good day everyone, I didn’t receive a notification over the weekend so I backtracked today. I guess I needed a break. Even though I was distracted, I loved today’s meditation and I’ll repeat it a few times today. I believe Read More