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Permission to begin again

This month is ending too soon. I hoped the Challenge might be a good framework for returning to daily meditation practice, and it has been that and so much more. Truth is, my life is significant only for its losses, Read More

May we meditate with ease

My three favorite things about mindfulness training and practice: 1) All clothes are meditation clothes. 2) No artful preparatory glandular manipulations are required. No matter what level of stress hormones are roaring through my brain chemistry, I can take a Read More

A classic healing circle

When I sat this morning, I found the idea of this meditation very appealing, but I did not think about who might sit in my circle until I started meditating. (Yes, I always did my homework on the bus before Read More

Just begin again (of course, silly me)

This morning, I decided to repeat yesterday’s meditation, and I had a very different experience. The resistance and anger and deep sense of loss that I felt yesterday was present today, but was not quite as intense. I started with Read More

Selective Compassion

Compassion is not always easy, but it has always been my go-to response, back when I probably knew it as loving my neighbor. I don’t remember making the original choice to wander through life that way when I was older. Read More

Another ordinary day at last

While sitting this morning, I again felt (and still feel) calm, clear and awake. No drama. I stayed aware of the exercise and it was easy to notice without grabbing on to any one thought or feeling. Meditation was simply Read More

A fine clear day

A fine, clear day here, inside and out. This morning, I was able to look again at my experience of anger, following Sharon’s instructions, staying focused in the moment, checking in with breath and body, noticing without getting caught in Read More

Changing my seat

It is not MY anger; it is just anger. Revolutionary. And a powerful, startling moment when I got it. A sudden deep, involuntary gasp of breath, then immediate tears, then a long, slow roll of relief, with some thoughts about Read More

Layers of surprise

Day 17. Wow, already? This is an increasingly intense experience, which feels like healing, along with learning and exploration; not just a long overdue visit to my old neglected friend, meditation. Every day has brought me something meaningful and new. Read More

The Glad Game

This was the most difficult meditation for me, so far, because I could not bring to mind and heart any positive thoughts I experience in meditation, not even those touchstones for joy and hope and faith in the general rightness Read More

May all beings be happy ♡