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Day 19: Meditation On Working With Challenges

It’s apt that my most challenging meditation to date was today’s meditation.  A meditation on working with challenges. I felt so much resistance rising.  Impatience, rising like a tide of concrete.  So many things I should be doing right now, Read More

Day 18: Meditation On Working With Thoughts

“We can remind ourselves that these [negative thought patterns] are just visiting, they’re not essentially who we are.” For me, that is the crux of this meditation.  Thoughts may become things but we are not essentially our negative thought patterns. Read More

Day 17: Meditation On Difficult Emotions

“We can’t avoid pain but we can transform our response to it.” As a single woman on the cusp of 50, the Valentine’s Day/Family Day/My Ex’s Birthday triumvirate long weekend is a kind of pain I cannot avoid. I know Read More

Day 16: Finding the Positives

I was twelve or thirteen the first time depression hit me.  I’d been this sunny child, who could get ridiculously excited over a dandelion puff, and then one day I woke up and it was like there was this grey Read More

Day 15: Mental Noting Meditation

Something very unexpected happened for me during this meditation.  I had a massive sneezing fit.  (I don’t have a head cold.). Eventually I had to pause the meditation and go get a Kleenex and blow my nose.   Aside from Read More

Day 5: How Do I Speak to Myself

I love this meditation.  I bet if you polled my friends they would tell you that I am basically a kind person.  Yet frequently, I am unkind to myself.  I nag myself constantly, I perceive myself as lazy, a professional Read More

Day 4: In, 1, In, 2

I find this variation super helpful.  Counting gives my monkey mind something to do (math is hard) and allows me to focus on the breath and really, truly, be in the moment. Only working for a few hours this afternoon Read More

Day 2 – Hearing Meditation

“We don’t meditate to get better at meditating, we meditate to get better at life.” I love that this quote is attached to the “Hearing Meditation.” I absolutely cannot abide white noise.  I blame this aversion on the fact that I Read More

Day 1: Oh, there’s the breath!

So I am late joining the party – I knew I would miss Saturday – flying back from Costa Rica – then Sunday I had to go to work and I still had a house guest – then Monday I Read More