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Day 6 & 7

Sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes – if we’re really lucky – vacation gets in the way.  I escaped the ice and snow of Canada and flew to Costa Rica yesterday, and wifi was in short supply, so there Read More

Day 5: Taming My Inner Critic

Once upon a time, a boyfriend complained to a dear friend of mine that he “didn’t like it when I yelled at him.” My best friend laughed, and said, “Oh, that just means Tara likes you. The more she loves Read More

Day 4: Letting the Breath Lead the Way

Little Miss-Multitasker loved today’s meditation challenge.  Counting breaths!  I can do that!  I can breathe and count! It was working beautifully.  In…one…in…two…in…three all the way to ten and back to one again. And then – somewhere around in…seven, the thought Read More

Day 2: Meditate to Get Better At Life

The perfect motivation for the ambivalent meditator!  Who doesn’t want to get better at life?! I decided to do this morning’s meditation sitting in my kitchen, before I realized it was a sound meditation.  I live in an apartment, and Read More

If You Are Breathing You Can Meditate

Meditation, staying present in the current moment.  These things are problematic for me.  I am a multi-tasker.  I am the woman who talks on the phone while she composes emails for a work project while she has a whole other Read More

#RealHappiness Here I Come!

Hi everybody! My name is Tara and this will be my 3rd February that I #Commit2Sit and take the #RealHappiness challenge but it will be my first time blogging about it.  (Actually it will be my first time blogging.  Period.). Read More