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Last day

I fell asleep before I could post yesterday. I feel so relaxed that I just dozed off. I am so proud of my self for completing all 28 meditations. I am going to do them again in March so I Read More

How does it feel

In today’s meditation I looked back on a time where I felt anxious this week. I used Sharon’s tricks to focus on why I was truly anxious and how I can improve it

All creatures great and small

Today’s meditation felt a little odd to me. I have never really felt certain completing the lovingkindness meditations. I am never sure what I should be feeling. Should it be like a great connection to something? I know that I Read More

Spread the love

I enjoy this meditation because I feel that I can share positivity and love. I love the technique that Sharon share in this one.    

Huddle up

I didn’t really connect with the visuals that Sharon was using today. I found it hard to picture myself in the middle of the circle. I hope I am able to do better  tomorrow

Think loving thoughts

I was not able to walk outside for today’s meditation. I had to practice a little loving kindness from my own bedroom. I kept my brother-in-law in my mind as I said my phrases because he is going to hard Read More

Focus on the good

This meditation made me think about how often I focus is on bad things are going on around me even during meditation.  It makes me frustrated about why I cannot seem to get it right. I definitely need to take Read More

Running behind

I quickly complete this meditation. I was able to focus on my breath and feel super relaxed

Anger is not my friend

Completed this meditation very quickly before bed. I was very happy that I made it fit in to my schedule because I did not think it would get done

Anger is not the way to go.

I’m going to be honest. I usually don’t have a lot of issues with emotions coming up during my meditation. I feel like that is usually because I am so distracted by the random thoughts that come up in my Read More