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Go with the flow

I enjoyed reading the imagery that Sharon discussed in our meditation today. It allowed me to be able to focus and really brought into perspective of things I can do to keep my thoughts from going crazy. I do feel Read More

Let it go

I really tried to focus on this meditation today. I have a lot of issues with negative emotions nd getting focused on them. I really enjoyed Sharon’s visual of birds flying away. I think I will use that for next Read More

Think positive thoughts

Today’s meditation was not my favorite. I could not seem to bring up any positive emotions but that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.

Make a little note

I got distracted and squeezed today’s meditation in at the last minute. I felt great when I sat down to do it because I actually managed to sit down and meditate. After I got started however, I started to get Read More

Rub a dub dub

I’m going to be honest. I hate washing dishes. If I could afford a dish washer, I would totally buy one. Because of this.I have never connected with this meditation. Today was no exception. I feel that I rush through Read More

Coffee break

Another day, another meditation. It was quite enjoyable taking time to leisurely drink my coffee this morning. Feeling the warmth of the mug and the coffee as it traveled down my throat was amazing.  I think I will do this Read More

Bon appetit

I enjoyed today’s meditation a great deal. Usually I have an issue focusing on the eating meditation. I just want to get it over with so I can move on to the other things I have to do in the Read More

Slow walking

I wasn’t able to take a walk outside today due to work so I had to walk around the house. I wasn’t able to concentrate fully due to being distracted. My dogs decided that they wanted me to play with Read More

Another scan please

Today’s body scan meditation was a little easier than yesterday. I was able to get in to the flow of it much easier. I still feel that I need to focus a little more on this type of meditation.

Scanning… scanning

I have never really gotten the body scanning meditation. It confuses me a little bit. I guess I don’t know how to feel sensations in different parts of my body. I try to follow the verbal cues but don’t seem Read More