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Day 8- Simply Not the breath!

What if we could drop the judgment, observe, note and let go? One of my favorite variations on noting techniques in meditation is to  say “now” or “not now” or “breath not breath.” I have found that we can let Read More

Day 2 Sangha Insight LA

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller Breathing through a transient thought telling me it’s not efficient to drive an hour to meditate for an hour, I tuned into Krishna Das chanting Read More

Today I say Opps and move on

Read original post here A teacher once shared that a young student of hers had a habit of calling herself stupid when she made a mistake. Knowing how that would effect the child’s confidence and chance at success, she offered a Read More

Secret Admirers

I have come to realize that we need to practice being wherever we are, even if that place is unpleasant, boring, or simply mundane.  Otherwise, we will miss moments that can’t be retrieved. Ultimately, we will find ourselves somewhere else Read More