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photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

The fall of Freddie the Leaf

Photo: D. Sharon Pruitt I have grown quite fond of “Freddie,” The Leaf in Leo Buscaglia’s book on changing seasons. I no longer recall when or where I first made Freddie’s charming acquaintance. All I remember is that the book Read More

Groundhog day- Over and Over

Day 2- Over and Over I sat for the second brief time today. Recognizing I was tired, I was still hoping for some cleansing release. Instead what I got was a rerun of the task I was engaging in before Read More


Morning Has Broken!

Waking this morning to the sound of birds, I had an immediate awareness that the last day of the 28- day meditation challenge had passed. It’s not like the last few days have alluded my awareness.

Real Happiness at “Home-Work”

I have a confession to make. Its day 26 and I haven’t been able to keep my mind on Real Happiness “at Work.” I mean, I think about it and certainly I would like to have it. Who wouldn’t?

Seize the Moment!

Inherent in traveling are new people, new places, new foods, new spaces. Even our sense of time can become shaken.

Day 1- The Journey

The Journey by Mary Oliver One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice— though the whole house