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Doing three days of guided meditations in a row. : ) Here I am again embracing imperfection. . . .and so it goes and. . .

Smashing the Wagon

It is so interesting to think about “falling off the wagon” when it comes to meditation. I did meditate yesterday, but I didn’t do the “official” meditation of this challenge. Listened to Day 6 and Day 7 this morning and Read More

Sacred Space

Through the guidance of today’s meditation, I felt how very tired my inner critic is. S/he needs a good nap! So I sent her off to do so and wound up really grounding in this new space that I am Read More

Sneaking a Prayer

Restarted my count many, many times and had resistance to counting at all. Took an additional 12 minutes after the guided meditation. The time turned into sending some Reiki and prayer to friends going through a difficult day today. Coming Read More


The word I landed on in today’s meditation is trust. Having just moved across the country, I am fluctuating between excitement and some primal fear/survival coming to the surface. Everything is okay. Truly. But being so far out of my Read More

Happily Meditated

Being able to attend the launch party last night was incredibly fortifying. We’re all in this together! What a gift! The “turn left” story was so immediately helpful to me this morning. Inspired by that story, I did indeed turn Read More

Curtains up!

Coming from showbiz, I know that there is a point where it’s time to just go. Walk on stage. Take the leap. This meditation challenge has me excited (and a wee bit nervous) to do just this – really commit Read More