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Breath, Not Breath (Day 7)

It is amazing how busy the mind can be. When we sit in stillness, even for just a moment, and gently anchor our attention in the breath or body, the busyness becomes obvious. Today’s meditation supported the skill of letting Read More

Growing Kindness for Ourselves

It is day 5 of the challenge and I am excited to share that my spouse has joined me this year! It is so exciting to share this practice with him. I needed the reminder that beginning again is the Read More

My Breath, My Guide Home

Thank you for day 1: concentration! I find viewing my breath as my friend allows me to settle into presence more easily. Sharon’s analogy of seeing your friend in the crowd, moving towards the friend without pushing aside those in Read More

A Meditation Commitment

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this first post for Sharon’s February Meditation Challenge. This is my third year taking the challenge and my first year blogging about it. I was never one for monthly challenges of any Read More