Auxiliary is the thing

This past week, I have been making it to the mat (meditating), but not feeling as centered and grounded on and off the mat as I want to. Also, for most of the week, I was not concentrated in my meditation at all. And that’s ok.  Interestingly, over the week I still observed auxiliary benefits (which I really consider the main benefits).   Here are some examples of that:

  1. It was easier to be patient with people, even though it was a very emotional week in some aspects.
  2. There is a situation in my life in which there is a lot of uncertainty about something that is very important to me. Even though this is happening, I was still able to concentrate well at work.
  3. A friend at work and I are working on a project together that needed to be redone this week. It involved calling other team members on to a higher standard. In tandem with my co-worker we were very successful at this – we clearly communicated standards and all relationships were intact when done. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own so well, and in the past I would have beat myself up for this.  Instead, my reaction to the situation was gratitude that I get to work with this person.

So, I guess I’ll keep meditating. 😉

May all beings be happy ♡