Bah Humbug! To Valentines

My friend who’s gay and single and kinda lonely posted an anti Valentines Instagram that had Candy Hearts the read “Meh” “You Suck” and “Get Lost.”
This holiday is not a happy one for many single not necessarily by choice people. It’s a painful reminder that they’re single or newly widowed and all the gooey sappy Hearts Day Instagram messages are salt in the wound.
Our taxi driver on Valentines tonight said he had a man passenger before us who was taking himself to dinner. Good for him.
Glennon Doyle was asking can we make Valentines for more than romantic love? Can it be for people who are brave and show up and are loving. She asked folks to nominate people, and I nominated my single and lonely friend and said he’s so big hearted he cries at work because he cares so much about his patients.
In Maya Angelou’s last interview with Oprah the year before Maya died, Maya kept saying the driving force behind her life was love, then she’d say “By love, I don’t mean mush. I don’t mean sentimentality.”
And somehow Valentines became mush and sentimentality.
So for the reclamation of Valentines- love is for everyone, no matter your relationship status.

May all beings be happy ♡