“Be available.”

Concentration-Day 5 @SharonSalzberg, thank you for the many gems in today’s lesson. Here are some of my favorite phrases: ‘magic moments,’ ‘be different,’ ‘begin again,’ and ‘That’s life: starting over, one breath at a time.”

Today I became aware of the many moments in life where the breath can help me to ‘begin again.’ First there was a scheduled 20 minutes drive which took an hour and a half, breathe. Then there was a conversation with a friend whose heart is broken, breathe. And as the day got away from me, a choice to keep going, concentrate and finish my daily goal, breathe.

And – another share today on a blog by

Care Mycue being in the #RealHappinessChallenge brings meditation into focus both internally and as I interact with others. I had an emergency visit to the dentist, during that visit the dentist suggested that I “be available” to the possibility that I have one of many things going on in my mouth…..this shifted my focus to ‘being’ and relaxed me immediately. Also, my dentist and I then had a wonderful conversation about meditation. #commit2sit



May all beings be happy ♡