Begin Again…and Again…and Again.

The practice of concentration was a beautiful reminder of the wandering mind and the simple tool of watching my breath.  Sometimes it feels like I am herding cats.

There are moments of tranquility.  Then suddenly an eruption of grief.

This morning, tears flowed. Unprocessed grief that lingers and haunts me.  I  just kept hearing Sharon’s voice say, “Begin again. Begin again.”

I stood in my kitchen as my espresso maker was blowing extra steam in an unusual way. As if it compassionately took on my energy to dissipate.  It’s own Tonglen practice.

Thoughts poured in like a sudden Texas thunderstorm.  I just kept focusing on what I was feeling, how it felt in my body and bringing my attention back to my breath.

As the morning coffee was finally ready, a wave of relief washed over me.

The breath….always there…until the end.

For right now…Begin Again…and Again….and Again.  With Love and Kindness.

Oh, the joy of being human.  The richness of Love that emerges as grief.  The power of the breath.  The potency of meditation, one moment at a time.

Bowing in deepest gratitude to Sharon and all on this journey.


~ Veronica