Beginning again, again

I’ve enjoyed seeing the ‘beginning again’ thought written about from so many on this forum! We begin again when we become distracted, when we miss a day, when we get angry while driving, when ___________ (fill in the blank.) Go back to your anchor; your breath. It’s always with you!

I’ve always been moved by Sharon’s clear and heartfelt method to help make meditation accessible to everyone, especially to those who have always said that they just can’t meditate.

Our first day is behind us. If I can offer anything here it would be to paraphrase Sharon when she has taught that just getting on the cushion is the hardest part of meditation. Making it a priority, important, and not a task we relegate to once-everything-else-gets-done can truly be life changing.

This is a rich gift you can give to yourself again and again. Your breath is with you always.

To the journey!


May all beings be happy ♡