Week 2

I know from some of your posts and from so many years of teaching that some of you might be feeling discouraged right about now.

Day 1: Welcome

In the past 2 weeks I've been in NYC, Washington DC, Long Island, and Los Angeles. In each of these places people have come up to talk to me and told me they were going to do the challenge.

Welcome to Week 3

When I first went to India in 1970, I went overland through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan before arriving in India.

Working With Pain

Working with physical pain is also a template for working with emotional pain – we learn the skills in one and can apply them in the other.

Welcome to Week 2

Once on a meditation retreat in Burma, I was calmly eating lunch when I unexpectedly bit down on a whole chili pepper. My mouth caught on fire, and so did my mind.

Meditation: Getting Started

The text below is an excerpt from 'Sit', an article I wrote some time ago for O Magazine. It provides some basic meditation instruction and answers many questions about the practice.

Beginning the Challenge

It has been so nice today reading your tweets, comments, postings; and sitting myself, feeling how many people were also dedicating themselves to practice.

Welcome to the Challenge

Many years ago, when I had gone to Israel to teach, some friends and I went to the Old City section of Jerusalem, where there is a wonderful open-stall marketplace.

May all beings be happy ♡