Ram Dass

Jun 1, 2007 Ram Dass makes a range of donations possible, so it’s more affordable to a wider group of people. I urge you to contribute what you can, and dive deep into the offerings. It helps support Ram Dass, and also Read More

Coming Home

Feb 1, 2007 The Coming Home project of Deep Streams is an innovative series of programs that address the mental, emotional, and spiritual problems of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families. Community Meetings bring together veterans and families and Read More

Winter 2007

Jan 1, 2007 Last summer I went to the movies with a friend, Mark Epstein. At almost the last moment we decided to go see the War Tapes. The movie had been made when several members of a New Hampshire Read More

Summer 2006, IMS 30th Anniversary

Jul 1, 2006 On July 8th we had an extraordinary celebration marking the 30th anniversary of the Insight Meditation Society. Even though we had moved in on Valentine’s Day 1976, the weather in February in New England seemed too challenging Read More

Spring 2006

Apr 1, 2006 I was recently teaching at New York Insight, a lovely room on the 10th floor of a building in Manhattan. A friend sat close to the windows on one side, which faced another building across a courtyard. Read More

Winter 2006

Jan 1, 2006 In the fall of 2001, I sublet an apartment in downtown Manhattan, and accepted a schedule of meditation classes that began the night of Tuesday, Sept 11th. The Friday before, I went home to Massachusetts for the Read More

The Cultivation of Courage

msnbc.com Dec 30, 2002 Dec. 30 — I have traveled around this country on book tours fully five times in the past five months. Each of these trips came to seem like a concentric spiraling of the one before, like Read More

Wishing Well

O Magazine May 1, 2001 Learn to rejoice in the good fortune of others and your own happiness multiplies – it’s the best cure for envy. I recently visited a friend in Malibu, a spectacularly beautiful beach town north of Read More