Blowing Bubbles ❤ Street Lovingkindness

Sharon invokes the joyous freedom of Blowing Bubbles in the second video of her STREET LOVINGKINDNESS VIDEO SERIES. The Buddha said, “life is like bubbles in the stream.” Sharon uses this classical Buddhist inspiration to playfully explore life with wonder and curiosity. Turn the ephemeral passage of time into your playground as you move through your day with #StreetLovingkindness and bubbles!

Released September 21, 2015 in honor of the International Day of Peace. Be part of the global movement of #StreetLovingkindness and #Peace by sharing this video in your community.

Sharon’s STREET LOVINGKINDNESS VIDEO SERIES explores new ways to interact with the world around you by expanding your circle of kindness. Sharon takes the formal meditation practice of Lovingkindness (also known as Metta) off the cushion and into the real world to discover deeper connections and joy right where you are. Want more #StreetLovingkindness in your life? Watch the other videos of the series HERE.

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