Body Scan

We meditated with Sharon’s guided body scan tonight and we both reflected afterward that we felt cold. Not a surprise with our cold basement – it seems that if we do a laying down meditation we should be prepared for comfort as not to be distracted by temperature.

Although I was a little scattered from the coldness of the room, I was able to focus in on tense or relaxed parts of the body with some effectiveness and breath into the tender or/and tense places. It was an accomplishment to be able to scan from head to toe with a major stumbling block – the temp of the room.

I’ve done body scans for my yoga students on several occasions and have received positive feedback on the way into their savasana. I really enjoy the aspect of bodily sensation before letting go at the end of a yoga practice and allowing for a deep laying down meditation that focuses on letting go or letting yourself be.

May all beings be happy ♡