Body Senseishunzzz

I just finished the walking mediation for today! I have only tried walking mediation a couple times, but never by myself. I moved the clothes, the papers, the books, the cat toys, the mail that was in the middle of my floor in my bedroom, and was ready.

The first thing that I noticed is when Sharon said something like “We all think of ourselves as in our head, but let’s try to be in our feet.” Wow. I had the sensation that it makes sense that we are so in our heads because of all the stimulation going on up there. At the time of her saying that I was thinking that I would love to close my eyes and walk around. Well, maybe next time I’ll find a padded room :P. It is not my  modus operandi to live in my body, and when I “come to” and wake my body up, I realize all of the feelings I’ve been missing. Not only is there a universe inside of me but there is a whole range of feelings my body hasn’t been letting through the gate because I’ve been constantly over-stimulated? WOW.

Now I am actually reminded of a study they did to trace electricity throughout the body. I wish I had a source for you to look at. I will look into it, I promise. I just have to get these thoughts out. SO! The nervous system is a wonderful, wonderful!! thing. But anyway, our Central Nervous System (CNS) and our Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) both work by electricity. And so from my understanding, some psychologists or neurologists or whoever got together to examine and compare the firing patterns of people with different dispositions. Such as a tendency toward depression, alcoholism, mental disorders, etc. They also tested people who were considered generally healthy and happy. What they found is that people in the first group, their electricity was mostly used in the Central Nervous System. Which would be like, the brain. Which means information is going in and out, in and out, just in that area. But people with happier dispositions had more activity all around their body, and had more flux with both their Central Nervous System and their Peripheral Nervous System. I’m sure if they would have continued the study they would have found that they have fewer health problems.


Basically, my point is. I think it is insanely useful to try to think of my feet as the source of consciousness instead of feeling that incessant weight on the back of my eyeballs.


May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy.


Much love to all!