Book Ending Practice: Sitting Meditation

The past couple weeks have been one long gratitude festival as I’ve begun to follow through on my intention of putting mindful practices into play daily in a more structured manner.  I have the privilege of working with people (and organizations) who support me in my personal experiments with meditation so many of the obstacles I once put between myself and meditation practice.

It’s in this space I’ve been able to have time at both the start & end of my day to hit the cushion.  About a month ago I began to increase my daily 12-14 sit first to twice a day then extending the sessions to 20 minutes each.  In my typical pattern of back sliding in intention I began to skip the morning session. I didn’t like the results.

Photo by Lauren Finkel

My practice has become a great method for dealing with my racing thoughts and I’m seeing the value of book ending my day with sitting meditation.  Last night I got to listen Sharon’s talk to Brooklyn Yoga’s Real Happiness Meditation Challenge Launch Party before I did my evening practice and she suggests experimenting with one’s practice.  Was grateful to get permission retroactively on switching things up but need to balance my itch to get creative with keeping what works for me, not dropping something that I can see the benefit of so clearly.

By starting & finishing my day with a sit I’m a happier camper. I’m seeing that now.

I’d love to hear about other Real Happiness Meditation challengers or anyone’s experiments with their regular practice.  What let’s you know what works on the mat? My racing thoughts are a pretty loud early warning system for me.


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