Breath is peace

Breath is sanity to me. It is what has kept me from losing my mind and keeping my peace. Even in this first day of the challenge I am reminded how wonderfully simple and rewarding the practice of paying attention to the breath is. As a soon to be yoga instructor breath is integral in my practice. But I’ve realized lately that I have not been giving it just due outside of yoga or meditation practice. I have wondered why my thoughts and space have been so disjointed. I had forgotten to give space to my breath throughout the day and not just during my designated practice times. As Sharon alluded in today’s practice I had allow my energy to be dispersed who knows where by not gathering my attention into focused concentration. And to do that doesn’t require special tools. I simply have to stop and notice one breath. 🙂

I also am grateful for the reminder that it is normal for the mind to wander. This is a sign of being human, not a point of failure. I have the choice to be kind to myself and to be okay with the reality that perfection is a dream. I can watch those thoughts and let them go. I especially love the analogy of riding in a car and watching the scenery go by. Whenever my thoughts wander I remember that I’m in that car riding on an open road and the thoughts are like the scenery that I acknowledge and keep going. The wind on my face is like my breath, always there, continuous and soothing when I need it to be. The breath is my peace.



May all beings be happy ♡