busyness and mindfulness, sensation and thought

As Sharon says, for most of us, mindfulness is fleeting… For the better part of this crazy week, I could not even fathom posting on this blog every single day. Sitting and watching the thoughts pass and letting them go when the buzz of energy around us completely takes over is often a nearly impossible proposition. That’s why I think the technique of focusing on one thought, positive or difficult, or one person, challenging or encouraging, is so liberating… it takes us out of the continuum of crazy mind revolutions, distractions and daily drama. If we have to examine stories about that one thought or person, we can still swim that river and come out of the current refreshed. If we walk into this stream again, we will be a different person in a different body of water (or in this case, energy)…. No matter what energy torrents go around above, below and on the sides, we are just taking this one dip in this one stream and focusing on how it feels in the moment… For me, this transition from air to water when taking a real dip on the beach of our local lake or stream has always felt cleansing and cathartic, and I try to evoke and carry this feeling with me when I dip into meditation on a busy day…

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May all beings be happy ♡