Calling All Love Stories


I’m working on a new book! It’s been 20 years since my first book, Lovingkindness came out — it’s hard to believe.

I’ve been inspired to take a new look at love, so the book will be called Real Love. The love we are told is all we need, or what makes the world go round, might be great or might be suffused with attachment, an effort to be in control, unbalanced (like leaving ourselves out) or interlaced with too much pain. The stories we tell ourselves about love are often sad ones, but Real Love seeks to change that by showing readers how to heighten their awareness of the abundance of possibility of love in their lives, whether or not they have a romantic partner.

I’m describing real love in much the way I tried to recast happiness in Real Happiness — love as an ability to deeply connect that resides within us, that may be awakened by another person or situation, but they don’t own it and deliver it to us. The capacity is inside of us, and we can use mindfulness and lovingkindness to nurture it and help it blossom.

I need your help — in the form of stories, anecdotes, lessons from your lives. The book will be in 4 sections — love for yourself, for another –whether a partner, child, colleague (one man spoke beautifully about his dog), love for all beings, and love for life itself. Describe to me times when you felt a liberating kind of love. It can be love from another, surely, but I am equally interested in stories of love from unexpected places, and turning points when you realized something about Real Love, and learned to live differently.

Sending in something signals your understanding that I might use it in the book. If we do use it, we’ll be in touch to see if you want your name attached, or you can choose your own alias. Thank you so much for helping me to a greater understanding of love.

You can send your stories to:

Image from Flickr by Vinoth Chandar. Creative Commons License.