Catching up, happy to be here

I am no longer on schedule. Today is Tuesday, March 3, and the course finished several days ago. For the past almost 2 weeks I have been engaged in packing up my belongings for a big move from Montreal to San Antonio Texas.

And now here I am. Behind me is the vacating of our condo. I can still feel within me the beautiful peace and calm in our place as Peter and I left it. Something super special about the quality of  that moment.

It feels very good now to take just a little time out to step back.

I am embarked upon the next chapter of my life, and I feel like it’s going to be a good one. An opportunity for me to come into voice and blossom. To do so, it will be important for me to remain centered, mindful. Remaining centred, mindful and quiet inside will allow me to be present to my environment, both inner and outer.



May all beings be happy ♡