Catching up on 3 days of blog

I did the Sharon Salzberg meditation challenge a few years ago. It was nice – I was just starting to get into meditation. I had no idea how powerful it could be and I continue a meditation practice. It is definitely a practice because it is never perfect and ebbs and flows, much like my life.

I haven’t blogged in a few days – things have been busy with work and personal life. I have, however, still been meditating. Here’s a recap of the last three meditations:

Day seventeen: The difficult thought and emotion I had is a recurring one throughout my life – that I am fat, useless, and worthless. I know this nowadays to be completely untrue, even after having put on significant weight last year. I am working towards my physical health this year and am down 22 lbs so far. This is a thought I have to let come and go and recognize as not truth.

Day eighteen: Much like I mentioned from day seventeen – I have to let certain thoughts float away. Observe them. Observe them as not truth and not the real me. Let them float away down the river. I am the consciousness that exists outside of my thoughts and observing my thoughts.

Day nineteen: I meditated on feeling overwhelmed this morning. I’m trying to accomplish so much and stay on top.of everything lately and it’s like walking a tight rope at times. I caved to these feelings last night and ate some candy and peanut butter. I let this all go, didn’t beat myself up over it, and got out for a run after my meditation.

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