Closing the Challenge

Photos from 2016 Challenge participants via Instagram

As we come to the end of the challenge, I find myself reflecting on the power of community we’ve experienced and the support we’ve enjoyed for a more continuous practice. Thank you all who participated…you’ve really inspired me, and moved me and all who have helped bring this challenge about to see how we can continue to serve you. I hope that this month can be a launch and a model for everyone wanting to pursue a meditation practice. Even without the blogs we can think of one another and be supported by remembering our common practice and shared values.

Practicing each day is something I strongly believe in. Over all my years of practice and teaching I’ve seen over and over again that a regular practice is a huge resource for transformation…even if it feels like you are not very concentrated, it is the fact that you do it that counts. When we practice, we are bringing our values to life, affirming a belief in change and in ourselves. If you have found the structure of the challenge very helpful, see what structure you can institute in your life, perhaps for 1 month at a time. And remember meditation might be done walking instead of sitting, at any time of day, alone or with others. However you find yourself actually bringing concentration, mindfulness and compassion to life, is the best way for you to be practicing this day.

I’m looking forward to our closing party on Monday 2/29 to have more of a wrap-up session with everyone! We will be recording the event and sending it out to everyone afterwards, so you can join in virtually if you are not local to NYC. You can still join us in person by registering HERE.

Much Love, Sharon

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  • Yolanda

    Thank you so much! The past month has been an incredible journey. I’ve been flirting with meditation practice for a long time, but I never had solid footing. I felt like so many doors were open; it makes me appreciate our world more. May you be happy; may you be well.

May all beings be happy ♡