One of our #realhappiness bloggers, Geli, wrote something I want to support.

A well known classical Japanese actor once articulated: “Form is evident when the body and the hands and arms snap into position with a beauty that can only be accomplished by that particular actor … the moment when there is a convergence of the body understanding, the heart understanding and there being an opportunity to perform.” – Kanzaburo Nakamura

While sitting, and especially this week working with concentration, my experience has been that suddenly the body seems to snap into position and at the same time the mind goes clear. In fact it seems that it happened all at once and without my doing – although I was following the breath. It  happened. I can still feel my foot going to sleep or thoughts drifting by, but there is no disturbance, at least for a short time. It seems clear that the relaxed body and the mental clarity co-arise, and that there is an experiencer or witness.

The body-mind works in tandem in this case. It seems that one is not oneself as this is happening, or that one is entirely oneself and is what is happening.

And then this moment too has not been a goal, but arises and passes away much like the random thoughts or  physical sensations do. In such a moment one can simply go back to the breath again.

Thank you Geli for pointing this out.

Wishing you all continued ease and insight as we move into week 2.


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