Bad Coffee

What a very straightforward method of meditation. That was until an unrelated word popped into my head…

As I have been doing so each morning, I took my last sip of coffee as I sat down at my computer ready to begin today’s ‘mental notation meditation’. As suggested, I began labeling ‘in/out’ of the breath and placed my attention on the sensation. With that, I detected a residual flavor of bitterness and the word, coffee, filled my mind.

Then began the discursive:

“Wow, that was bitter… I should try a different brand… maybe the coffee pot needs a vinegar treatment… have I ever done that before… is there any more left (as I opened my eyes to look in my cup)… I still want another cup… or maybe I want something sweet… wait, I need to get back to breathing… I will have that other cup when I finish… in/out.”

Though… I did get to practice the art of beginning again… and again.


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May all beings be happy ♡