Constant Change & a Sense of Home

In the body awareness meditation, Sharon guides us to observe and experience that everything is always changing. I feel how the pain in my neck continues but is also shifting and moving. She describes pain (or any sensation) as “an alive system.”

When I feel the painful sensations moving, there is less tension and distress in the experience. But, it is also hard to let go into just feeling these changes, as in much of life. Constant change is everywhere but is unnerving; it reminds me of not being in control and of encountering the unknown. In the next moment, connecting with the moving sensation, I feel lighter and less worried.

Maybe tonight, I will try to remember to feel my body and let go into the experience. I would like to remember this feeling I am having as the meditation ends of home as a non-solid, opening place.

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May all beings be happy ♡