ON BEING BLOG Cupping Our Hands to Grace

Cupping Our Hands to Grace

NYC Photo by US Papal Visit

Weekly Column By Sharon Salzberg for On Being Blog
Published October 19th, 2015

Regardless of my agreement or disagreement with the Pope on any of his positions, and regardless of whom he met with or didn’t meet with, it was a remarkable sight to behold this pop-up, awe-filled community — lit up not around a rock star or a political figure, but a religious leader.


This reminded me of the Hindu concept of darshan. Darshan comes from a Sanskrit word, darsana, meaning a sight or vision. In the Hindu faith, darshan is an experience arising from the sight of a holy being or the statue of a deity. Sometimes a darshan can even come from a natural spectacle, a sudden rainbow appearing at the funeral of an enlightened being, for example.

Sharon Salzberg

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