Day 05 ; Practising Mindfulness of Breathing with Metta :)

For more than two years I´ ve been practising mindfulness of breathing almost daily and it really never came to my mind before to hold the practice in a friendly openness, a loving kindness.

In the past, when a distraction arose I would rather sternly notice and note it and return awareness to the breathing.

In one of the dharma talks,  I listened to a teacher suggesting to meet “the world” (phenomena) in a relaxed, interested and kind awareness. I could not figure out how to do this …. until 15 minutes ago, in todays meditation exercise.

Together with the realisation of a distraction –  arose the quality of Metta, which felt like the kind and friendly, loving presence and acceptance of an almost “ideal” mother or caretaker, which holds a child gently while the little one experiences the world.

As much as I remember it felt as if the little one and the caretaker were one.

What a difference this makes! 🙂

…… ……. …….

I ´ve noticed that the quality of openness and friendliness like in – practising Metta – arises much easier overhere with me either very early in the morning or from the afternoon onwards.

Thanks, <3

May we all be deeply well and truly happy . . . . . . .


May all beings be happy ♡