Day 1 – Friendly Reminders

Day 1 of the #RealHappinessChallenge is here!  I feel like I’m visiting with a wonderful friend.  After listening to the guided meditation, some words jumped out at me as friendly reminders: portable, comfortable, gentle, kindness, and ‘just one breath’.  I’ve been meditating for 4 years, and doing a meditation that focuses on the breath is still a great way for me to re-center myself.  Hearing the reminder that my breath is portable reminded me that I can use time on my morning commute to meditate (I ride the bus to work).

I purposefully chose to meditate before heading to work this morning.  I was going to sit on my meditation cushion, but was too stiff in the morning chill (I’m in the northeast and the ‘vortex’ is here) so opted for a cushioned chair.  Being able to sit comfortably allows me to fully engage in meditation.

I felt myself smile when Sharon reminded us in that we can be gentle with ourselves if we get distracted because thoughts did wander in while I was attempting to focus on my breath. It was a nice prompt to practice kindness to myself and refocus.

It’s ‘just one breath’ put the practice this morning into perspective and gave me a starting point for my day. I can begin again – my breath is portable, and I can meditate anywhere, for brief periods of time or longer. If my mind wanders, I can be gentle & kind with myself and come back to the breath, because it’s just one breath.

Happy Friday!

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May all beings be happy ♡