Day 10!

I love that committing to this meditation 30 day challenge is not only teaching me how to meditate, it is also teaching me there are different ways to meditate. Today’s body scanning meditation was something that I never knew existed and I believe that this was the first time that I have felt instantly relaxed during meditation. The more common approach to relaxation in relation to meditation is gradual.

I was pleasantly taken by surprise when Sharon allowed us to lay down during this practice period. I had always thought that meditation’s upright seating was the only structure that directly produced positive results. I am glad this was not the case and little did I know that this was similar to what I do in bed sometimes in the morning when I am just coming out of my slumber. The major difference in this mindfulness is my patterned breathing and my focus on that breath.

Being present while lying on my back, only focusing on that breath allowed me to really listen to what my body was saying. I didn’t so much notice the individual sensations on my body because it was my heartbeat that look center stage. My heartbeat was so pronounced that I became aware of the job it performs, pumping blood through my veins. The pulsating of the beat started in my chest and worked its way down my body in a rhythm that was calming.

A short while ago, I eliminated screen time in my nightly routine to improve my sleeping pattern. That along with this type of meditation, I am confident, will allow me to get the rest that I have so desperately needed.