Day 10: Body Scan

The Body Scan meditation technique is an excellent way to get reacquainted with our physical selves and relax into meditation. It can help keep oneself mindful of everything that’s going on and note areas that may be tense without us noticing them and let those areas relax. It can remind us of our constantly changing states and that can be used to remain mindful and in the present.

I find it to be a great way to get in touch with how I’m feeling on a particular day or in a particular moment. It’s also very helpful to really deepen into a longer and more meaningful practice.

I’m reminded of a practice I’ve done many years before, where your instructed to tense up a certain part of the body, say starting with the feet. You tense up your feet, legs, torso, arms and so on, then let go and relax that part one stage at a time until you’ve scanned through your whole body and find yourself very relaxed and in a state of bliss. at that moment, I’ve found to be really relaxed and receptive to a wonderful, still moment of mindfulness.