Day 10 Body Scan Meditation 2020

Great day everyone.

My hair is in a ponytail out of habit, routine and thankfully today it doesn’t have that pain we are all too familiar with when we take it down. It is time for a change though. Mix it up.

There’s a quick, sharp pain behind my ear. It’s from the bright sun reflecting off the snow today. My eyes hurt when I open them. Believe it or not, I’m not complaining. We need sun during our winters in the Maritimes.

I can feel cold waiting to drip from my nose. Just near my nose. It’s not going anywhere. Something I’ve never paid attention to until this very moment.

I took a deep breath…because Sharon told me to. My body doesn’t feel tight but it doesn’t feel relaxed either.

My mind jumps to my cold, dry feet. I’m wearing socks but I haven’t been taking care on them like I should. Once again, cold winters, cold floors. Wet boots, wet socks.

Return to the body scan.

I feel food in my teeth from breakfast and a round full belly. Homemade oatmeal pancakes. yum.

My body is telling me to take time to exercise, again. Feel Joy in exercise, not obligation or expectation.

Take time to rest, really rest.No tv, no reading, no to-do list making. Just observe and gratitude.

Another deep breath. Stop holding onto things that have served their purpose, including a breath.

Stop holding onto anger, fear, and anxiety. Emotions that are symptoms. Look at the root cause and address it through breath.

Thank you Sharon.