Day 10: Body Scan Meditation

I’ve always had mixed feelings about body scan meditations. When I first started meditation years ago, I found body scans to be boring and avoided them whenever I logged onto my guided meditation app.

But the more I do body scan meditations, the more I understand them. I learned last year that body scans helped alleviate my post-surgery pain, and I did them on my own whenever I was lying down and needed pain relief. Similar to yesterday’s sensation meditation, body scans help with my chronic headaches. And it’s also the one meditation I know I can do lying down because it’s too focused for me to slip into an unexpected nap.

Today’s body scan was a great way to get me in the mindset for the yoga class I attended minutes later. I even did another body scan at the end of the class in shavasana to keep me from dozing off and to help me appreciate what my body had accomplished.

May all beings be happy ♡