Day 11 of 28

  • Richard R here and happy to be participating again. I’m a psychologist, 72 years old, and have escaped the frozen NW part of CT for Naples Florida. Deeply grateful to be here and learning to live with change. Impermanence, aging, illness and death are present forces for me. Leaning to live with a changing body w/o becoming unbalanced is a major life challenge now. My feet are like stones, I can walk and balance on them, but have virtually no feeling in them. They are healthy, blood is flowing, no danger – but strange. I remember when I felt as though I had no body. Thought immediately connected to action and movement. Now I need to be conscious and present and be in the moment with those forces to move.
    I find myself easily able to work with and attend to lovingkindness, compassion, and sympathetic-joy – equanimity is the challenge. Noticing when I’m swept away by reactivity to physical limitations and the thoughts and feelings that pertain to them. It becomes difficult to remain balanced. It is not an easy practice – moments of anger, sadness and despair do occur. I recognize them and can bring myself back to acceptance – it’s simply how it is, of itself it is suffering/dissatisfaction, but I don’t need to add to it through my reactivity. It is and I am a work in progress. I’m so grateful for mindfulness practice and for Sharon as a teacher. It’s a joy to practice with her and with this 28-day community.

May all beings be happy ♡