Day 11-More connected to body

This morning I woke up and meditated in bed because my daughter was sleeping there and I didn’t want to wake her by getting up. It wasn’t until this evening, after I had gone to bed, that I realized I hadn’t done Sharon’s meditation or this blog. I just finished schoolwork and was in my head planning what I would write for all my upcoming papers.

The walking meditation helped to ground me immediately. I still did get lost in thought but I always had that connection of my bare feet to the floor. I felt my body, and I had previously been so absorbed in mental activity that I had forgotten about the body. I sensed how I could walk in meditation as a daily practice, wherever I go. What possibilities that thought brings.

I hurt my back somehow so I noticed a lot of tension in the upper back. It was almost hard to walk but I relaxed into the feeling. I felt the whole body, not just the parts. I felt more whole, more connected, during and after the meditation.