Day 11 – The Body in Space

This was an ideal meditation for me today. My area is in the midst of a snowstorm–which is par for the course in most places, but I live in a temperate rainforest, and our city’s infrastructure is not designed to deal with massive amounts (or even small amounts) of snow. So as I ventured out for a walk, I was very aware of my body. Nothing brings awareness to each and every muscle and movement like fear of slipping on black ice.

I had a thought as I began walking more freely (on salted walkways): “my body” is a concept; “time” and “distance” are both constructs of the human mind. I’m really just awareness moving through space. That sounds so lame, but it felt really profound in the moment. It wasn’t an intellectual understanding as much as an aha moment of felt experience.

After my walk, I stopped by the grocery store and noticed craving…and more craving. Pot pies! Tater tots! Cinnamon buns! Garlic bread! None of these are things I usually crave, but I wanted the food equivalent of a warm hug. Luckily, my rational mind also realized that a) this snow will be gone before I get around to eating all that food, and b) I have plenty of (healthier) food, and I don’t really need those things (except cinnamon buns. I gave in.)

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May all beings be happy ♡