Day 12 • Eating Meditation

Sharon’s “subtle topic” today is about missing out on experiences of fulfillment. Let’s do a quick experiment: take a minute to mentally scan through the activities you did yesterday. What percentage of those activities would you say you performed without any real awareness while you were doing them?

Activities like eating become so second nature that we hardly pay any attention to the act at all. We allow our subconscious to perform the task, while we focus our higher conscious on ideas or activities that seem more necessary, desirable, or troubling.

Second-nature “programs” are a valuable tool that we can use to make great strides towards the goals we set. But if that mental mode becomes the primary way we engage with the world, we end up experiencing a deadened conceptual reality instead of a living fulfilling one.

Fulfillment is the fragrance released when awareness flowers. And awareness flowers most effortlessly when we feel connected to our experiences. Everyday activities, such as eating, provide us with an opportunity to compassionately dismantle our habitual “second-nature” mindset by focusing awareness on to the experience of being alive.

I would love to hear what feels significant to you about this eating meditation?

May all beings be happy ♡