Day 12: A Salmon Eating Meditation

For someone who eats lunch at her desk every day, an eating meditation seems like a pretty radical idea. Sometimes it takes me a half hour to eat. Not because I’m focusing on and enjoying each bite, but because I’m typing on a computer in between bites and not paying any attention to my food other than the fact that it’s helping me to not be hungry anymore.

Today’s meditation found me in my kitchen with a plate of salmon. I looked at the salmon. I felt the fork in my hand. I smelled the salmon. And then I took a bite, closing my eyes and chewing until the bite was gone before reaching for another forkful. I did this until my plate was empty.

Did my food taste better? Absolutely.

Instead of mindlessly shoveling lunch into my mouth while focusing my attention on work, I was mindful of everything about that salmon. The texture. The seasonings. The aroma. The taste. And it was delicious.

I think the concept of mindfully completing routine actions throughout the day would help enhance my ability to be mindful in general, cut down on my pesky multi-tasking habit and keep my stress levels in check. I can’t wait to try it with different daily activities.

And maybe now I’ll stop eating lunch at my desk.

May all beings be happy ♡