Day 13: Drinking Tea

I lifted the cup to my lips. Noticed the warmth and heat of the cup and the steam rising from the light colored liquid. I took a sip. The flavor of lemon was immediate but not too strong. The lemon was from the tea and from fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then I noticed the ginger. And then the slight bit of sweetness from the raw agave nectar. I relaxed as I noticed how I was holding the cup and switched hands. It felt more natural this way but I didn’t form any judgment or story from that. Just noticed the tea. It’s warmth, it’s flavor. And I just sat there with my tea and my breathing. I drifted a few times to thoughts of the day but I gently returned my attention to the tea. And my breathing. I sipped and I breathed in the slight steam from the tea. Still in that moment and focused on the tea.

I think I’ll try and continue my days moments like this whenever I can.

May all beings be happy ♡