Day 13-Slowly Sipping

I had just made a cup of tea when I sat down to hear Sharon. She was talking about sipping tea! I decided to use that as my object of meditation today since it was there. It seemed perfect. Despite drinking a lot of tea, I never really drink it with much awareness. It was incredible to look at the cup, to smell the tea, to taste it. I watched my mind saying, “wow, you drink a lot of tea”, just like Sharon said. I think I can find time each day to sip my tea slowly and mindfully.

I could really relate to the story Sharon told about the man who gripped his toothbrush like a jackhammer. I have noticed myself doing that. Just plowing through the brushing. I’d like to try to meditate while brushing my teeth tonight. It’s so hard to slow down and notice what I am doing. I am so supercharged in everything I do. What a challenge!

May all beings be happy ♡