Day 14 • Washing Dishes Meditation

Everyday activities such as dishes, laundry, or even just washing our hands offer unparalleled opportunities to dismantle the misconceptions which block our ability to experience fulfillment. Throughout the day, we can ask ourselves: Where is the space in this moment? That question, when asked sincerely, prompts internal stillness allowing us to sense the pervasive spaciousness as we deal with the situation at hand.

Engaging in our daily activities in this way brings an eternal quality to this moment that far exceeds the conventional understanding of quality. The focus has shifted from what we do to how we do what we do, and our everyday lives are transformed from mundane to sacred.

The least threatening moments in our everyday lives become the training grounds to strengthen the muscle of presence awareness, so that when we find ourselves in more complicated interactions we are primed and ready to respond from a place of wholeness rather than react from conditioned patterns of behaviors.

So let me ask you, where is space in this moment?

May all beings be happy ♡