Day 14; Washing Dishes on a Sunday Evening

Washing Dishes;

. . . . . . standing in front of the kitchen sink, noticing physical tension, noticing resistance, noticing shallow breath, … … …noticing the beginning of a mental loop of thoughts with one shared theme “anger.”

Alright, I decide to take a break and sit down on a chair.

Why is there anger and also a clinging to anger and angry thoughts (loop)?

I should not be doing this …

Okay, what should I be doing instead?

I should rather listen to a Dharma talk or do a meditation.


Because I would feel better!

Why would I feel better?

Because listening to a Dharma talk or doing a meditation would contribute to deepen my practice and thus support a strengthening of equanimity and liberation.


Wait – isn´t washing the dishes with mindfulness, performed with Metta just another exercise to deepen equanimity?

Yes, it is. 🙂

… …. ….

Thank you all!

May we all be filled with compassion and good will!

May all beings be happy ♡