Day 15 • Mental Notation Meditation

Taken one breath at a time, life reveals mystery and intrigue at every turn. An adventure is always available, though it is not always easy to see it as such.

There are times when I lose touch with my breath and the world seems to bear down upon me like a tractor trailer on an open highway in the middle of the night. At times, the weight of the world feels too heavy for my slight frame to bear, but then I remember: just breathe, bow, and smile.

Life may not always be ideal, but I know that this life that is living me, unrelenting, unconditionally, will not give me more than I can handle. And so I keep taking life one breath at a time, and life keeps revealing mystery, intrigue, and innate perfection at every turn.

What mystery is life revealing to you in this one breath?

May all beings be happy ♡