Day 15: Mental Noting Meditation

Something very unexpected happened for me during this meditation.  I had a massive sneezing fit.  (I don’t have a head cold.). Eventually I had to pause the meditation and go get a Kleenex and blow my nose.   Aside from the sneezing attack, I noted how cold my left foot and both my hands were (it’s very cold and draughty in my living room) and I kept getting distracted by planning my outfits for the week – I didn’t get too mad at myself for those mental lapses because it’s the ACTRA Conference this week; what I wear is important, there will be networking.  But I digress.

What was interesting during the sneezing fit was how completely in the moment I (regrettably) was – there was no room for anything else but noting all the sensations of the sneeze.  Couldn’t plan outfits, couldn’t compose witty emails.  All I could do was be the sneeze, note the varied sensations involved in a sneeze.  Food for thought.

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