Day 16-White Sands NP Memory

Today we traveled to White Sands National Park and so I was out all day. I still wanted to make time to do this meditation. I finally had the opportunity at 8:15 at the hotel. It was hard to get calmed down and centered after a full, busy day of travel. It was challenging to be present for the pleasurable moment meditation and to feel.

For my positive memory, I chose my time going down the sand dunes with my daughter, earlier in the day. It was wonderful to be reminded of the wind in my hair and doing something unusual. Going down sand on a sled?! Having the day to watch my daughter have fun and to be outside was wonderful.

I was aware that I had been worried all day that someone would become upset and there would be a fight. That was a big part of my experience. Then I came back to just being with my daughter. I was aware of a little bit of indifference, despite the joy of being there. The indifference was related to being an adult instead of a child and not fully appreciating the sledding. It was nice to reflect on the day.