Day 17: Meditation On Difficult Emotions

“We can’t avoid pain but we can transform our response to it.”

As a single woman on the cusp of 50, the Valentine’s Day/Family Day/My Ex’s Birthday triumvirate long weekend is a kind of pain I cannot avoid.

I know that I am where I am at this stage in my life because of my choices – and in all likelihood if I got to do it all over again I would make the exact same choices.  However.   That does not mean this weekend is easy for me, and I had just had a good crying jag about all of it right before I sat down to do this meditation.

So I had some response transforming to do.  What really stood out for me today was the realization that if I don’t decide I must “hold onto” all those bad feelings, they will pass.  Quite quickly.

I learned a new expression on the radio this morning – “Catching feelings.”  Popular with the Gen Z crowd, apparently.  Perhaps they’re on to something – I like the idea of feelings being tossed around like a beach ball…

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